Dear Stressed Out Mom of Little People

Dear Stressed Out Mom of Little People,

I’ve been watching you with your young kids and it seems like you’ve lost your focus.

I see you complain about how your kids are stressing you out. I see that you are constantly worrying about the condition of your house. I see that you are super busy and have no time to relax.

Ironically, you find the time to post all of this on social media, and at times, it scares me because I’m hoping to have some little people myself someday. Sometimes your posts leave me with confused thoughts and I wonder if that’s really the path I want to take.

I always get over it when I play with my siblings and realize that they really are a blessing, but you should be careful about the message that you’re sending around about the joys of motherhood. Some people don’t understand the “in the moment” frustration that sends you to venting.

I don’t have a problem with you sharing your burdens. The Bible tells us to bear one another’s burdens. (Galatians 6:2)

But it also says to do all things without complaining and disputing. (Philippians 2:14)

Be careful walking on that fine line.

You have been trusted to raise these little warriors. The things that happen behind your closed doors are the things that are shaping the next generation. I’d even argue that as a mother, you have been given the greatest calling in life. Don’t waste it.

Do you freak out when you walk into the swamp of clothes and toys that make up your kids’ bedroom?

Get rid of some stuff. Your kids don’t need a boatload of toys to be happy. Nor do they need a retail store full of clothing options.

They’ll be happy to just to have a cheerful mom who doesn’t lose her wits when she finally gathers the courage to inspect their room.

Teach your kids that people, sanity, and a pleasant environment are more important than possessions.

Does it seem like your kids are going in a thousand different directions and you can never find any down time?

Stop kidding with yourself. Your kids aren’t going to calm down. You’re just going to have to learn to keep up. Start running around with them. It’ll keep you young and healthy.

Your constant uptight state might just be communicating to your kids that they are a burden. Don’t let that happen because they aren’t.

You’ll have plenty of time to relax once your kids are grown and gone. You’ll probably even find yourself wishing that you could go back and experience life with littles again.

Or maybe not.. Who knows?

So take a deep breath and focus on the things that matter. Cut out the things that are stealing your time and sanity. Stop complaining about the things that, in eternity, won’t matter.

Be purposeful and plan your day. You’re going to fail. Your day isn’t going to go your way. People will visit, friends will call, or a little kid will decide to be sick. But don’t panic, that’s life.

Learn to cherish it.

I know it’s hard. That’s why God called YOU to do it.

Don’t give up.

5 thoughts on “Dear Stressed Out Mom of Little People

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you had a blog. Madison this is awesome and so sweet, and I think more people need to hear what you have to say. God has gifted you with such a loving and wise heart. I definitely could relate to being scared seeing all these stressed out moms and wondering if motherhood is meant for me. Thanks so much for the kind encouragement. Miss you sweet girl!


  2. Madison, what words of wisdom you wrote. You are part of such a sweet family and I love every one of you. I am so glad that I have been just a little part of your family’s life. I intend to follow the family as long as I live.


  3. Madison, I know your wisdom comes from having such a mom as a wonderful example. You and your siblings are blessed. You have been such a diligent big sister and a tremendous help to your mom I’m sure. I bet you’ll make it look easy when your day comes. Thanks for the encouragement and reminders that the years can sometimes cloud over.


  4. Wow… such great insight and a great reminder. I adore my children, I think they are so much fun, and they are more complex and wonderful than I could have ever imagined. With all of that being said, I can be so guilty of all you described so eloquently! The time is deceiving, flying by without a warning… thank you for the warning and the gentle reminder. You are going to be an amazing mom and your mother is truly blessed.

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  5. This is truly a great reminder, Madison. I know you haven’t been a mom before, but you have seen it in action A LOT. 😉 It really is true. Push out the things that matter little to none to find the things that matter most. If we focus on eternity it really puts things in perspective. 🙂


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