Truth is truth.

My emotions do not define God. God is God and He always will be. What we say— what we think—what we want— will never change who He is. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. My emotions do not define truth. God’s word is truth. Whether I like it or not, His word defines truth and truth is not dependent on anything but God. No matter what I think or insist, I cannot change what the Bible says. The Bible is relevant, wholly reliable, and always perfect. No one can alter that.
Even if we don’t like it, the truth remains. We can fight it, we can deny it, we can burn it and trample upon it, but truth is still truth. We have to understand that emotions and “feelings” are only a result of what our mind observes to be. And sometimes- quite often actually, our feelings are out of sync with the truth because we are a fallen people. We are incapable of perfection so, as a result, what our mind wants, what our desires and hearts insist upon, cannot always be trusted or fulfilled.
Yes our emotions are real. It is okay to feel offended or hurt by something. We all do. That’s what makes us human. That’s part of who we were created to be. Emotion is what nurtures babies and cares for the brokenhearted and reaches out to the needy. Without emotion and feeling, the world would be a dull, dreary place. Emotions are a beautiful and needed thing, but we cannot let emotions overtake everything.
Always remember that just because we are hurt or offended by something does not negate the validity of said thing. When we become angry or slighted by a notion we cannot insist that the notion should be eradicated. When our emotions conflict with what God’s word says is truth, we cannot attempt to taint or twist truth to satisfy our flawed fantasies, we have to continually remind ourselves that truth is not dependent upon anything that we can ask, see, think, or feel. Instead of trying to change the unchangeable, we should give up our empty ideas and instead look to the One who fashioned us all.
When our emotions are out of sync with truth, instead of attempting to change God, we should attempt to open our minds and beg God to cleanse and refine our feelings until they are in line with what He proclaims in His word. We should be thankful that truth is not dependent on us because we are so fickle, wanting one thing one moment and the opposite another. If truth was something to be established by mortals, the world would be a revolting place.


Today I am grateful that no matter how confused or lost I get, I always have a place to go that reminds me of what truly is. No matter how wacky our nation gets, no matter how many people start believing in an absence of absolute truth, I know that the solid foundation of God’s word will always point me in the right direction. I never have to worry about being led astray by my own heart, because I don’t have to rely upon my heart to know how to live. I don’t have to depend on an impulsive, unpredictable thing such as feelings to determine how I should walk along in this voyage of life. I have an ever-present, always reliable, unfaltering, perfectly loving Father who is always willing to counsel me toward a fulfilling, amazing and purposeful life through His word.


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