Spiritual Gifts, Myers Briggs, and Color Analysis…Related..?

So this semester I took a break from college classes. I was planning to CLEP my remaining classes, but then I discovered that my self-motivation isn’t as strong as I once thought.. So since my mind has been free from the bondage of school, I’ve been able to research some things that actually interest me– Myers Briggs and spiritual gifts being the 2 main topics. After turning these things over and over in my mind, I discovered that there are so many similarities between the 2 topics.

At first this surprised me because, wow, there’s a correlation between our personalities and our spiritual gifts? But then, as I started thinking on it more, it totally made sense! God has given us the personalities that we need to use the gifts that He has given us! I, for example, have a strong personality. I’m an ENTP, I am motivated by goals, I love problem solving, I’m very direct and to the point, and I have no problem with confrontation in order to make things right. I want everything to be resolved and can usually identify the root of problems. I’m outspoken, and sometimes just a little bit blunt. I then started looking into cognitive functions, and as an ENTP, my dominant function is Extroverted Intuition which includes the ability to accurately read people. In turn, my spiritual gift is Prophecy, which requires all of these attributes! I then tested my findings with my friends, and I discovered that my friends that had the same Myers Briggs shared the same spiritual gifts. SO COOL.

So eventually I thought: a. I’m on to something, or b. I really need to enroll in classes to refocus my attention..

But I kept thinking on it, and after a while, I also discovered that there is a correlation between Myers Briggs, which is brain types/cognitive functions, and Dressing Your Truth, which is a beauty profiling system that can determine what colors you should wear based on your physical attributes and energy profiling. This then led to the Color Analysis theory, and the 4 Greek temperaments (Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholy) and they all fit together!

A lot of thinking, I know.

After a while, I started putting all the pieces together and I came up with the following chart that shows the correlation between all of the different systems, and spiritual gifts. The end result being that I think it’s possible that my chart can determine what colors look best on you based on your Myers Briggs and spiritual gifts. It sounds far-fetched, but take a look and see if it lines up for you!


Here are a few things that I want to make clear though:

  1. I’m not an expert of any kind in any field. This is all a result of critical thinking, discussion with my mom, and tons of reading (and a fair amount of Pinterest surfing).
  2. It is possible to have more than one spiritual gift. I believe that your strongest gift will determine your Myers Briggs, and you’ll probably find that any other gift you have will show some tendency toward the corresponding Myers Briggs. (for example I also have the gifts of teaching and leadership which shows through my J tendencies.)
  1. I didn’t actually come up with anything new, I just put some puzzle pieces together. Here are the links to some of the previously existing data from which I drew my conclusions:

4 Greek Temperaments

Dressing Your Truth

Color Me Beautiful

Myers Briggs

Spiritual Gift Research

Thoughts? Think something on the chart should be changed? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear more thoughts on this!

35 thoughts on “Spiritual Gifts, Myers Briggs, and Color Analysis…Related..?

  1. I love your chart!!
    I agree with your conclusions (for me) and your underlying idea of the connections.
    I am INFP, Type 2, have a Discernment, Summer.
    To make things more fun, have you done StrengthsFinder? My top 5 are Connectedness, Empathy, WOO, Positivity and Ideation.
    Thanks for pulling this together!


  2. I’m very impressed with your chart. It fit me to a T! Nice work! I’m INFP, Type 2, and (the next two was new to me-i had to take the tests) phlegmatic/sanguine, and a true summer! Crazy, but I live it!


  3. Very interesting study. My friend and I have been pursuing the same thoughts. HOWEVER, I have to tell you that I don’t fit very well at all with your chart.
    I am very positively a DYT type 1.
    Myers & Briggs definitely an INFP-T (Mediator)
    OUTwardly (friends say) sanguine, but can be intolerable, and NEED those INFP private times
    to acquaintances, probably more choleric, (MUST honor those INFP principles)
    INside VERY phlegmatic, except can be a total rebel (MUST follow those INFP principles).
    Discernment keeps popping up for me, and I suppose it fits.
    I don’t really know what ‘true summer’ means. I was draped as a summer years ago, but my very best colors are very saturated oranges (specially shiny burnt orange) and effervescent rich ‘poison’ green.
    I can wear neon well when tanned.


  4. Your chart is so interesting. I got INFP, Type 2, Phlegmatic on most quizzes with melancholic second highest, and true summer probably fits me. But I don’t know for sure…


  5. This is the first time things have lined up for me, my spiritual gift is teaching , soft autumn colors, entj wow!!! Thanks for putting this together. You may not be an expert( your thinking) but it certainly fits my choleric: 3/2 personality. I’ve been studying this for at least 3 yrs, glad to have this in my head now.

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  6. Loved your post. Now to add to your puzzle check out the enneagram if you have all ready done so. Our Heavenly Father did create us to be unique and wonderful. Intj 4/3 enneagram 5w4.


  7. This is so full of beautiful thought. I think about this sort of stuff all the time!!!!! Thank you! I’m a ENFP, 2\3, gifted with prophecy. I try not to box in Jesus as he gives gifts to ppls. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit into a box as much as I want it to. Cheers to your chart!!! I’d just love to sit and coffee/talk about this!


    1. I definitely agree about not putting limits on the gifts that He gives us, and I think He can definitely give us more than just one! Thanks for your sweet comment, I’d love to chat sometime; this stuff is so intriguing! ❤️


  8. Dressing your truth is not about personality, it’s about facial shapes, body language, body shapes etc. It is NOT a personality thing. You should take it off your chart. It does nor correlate to personality tests. If you closely look at Carol Tuttles videos, books, etc., she makes that CRYSTAL CLEAR.


  9. My bad, INFJ on your chart says 4/2, but my daughter is 4/3. Have you looked up famous people for each MB personality? When I look at INFJs, they all have some type 3. When I looked at famous ENTPs there are a lot of dominant type 1s!


      1. Jo,
        I would venture to say you are probably a 4/3. If you are definitely a winter, you should probably read Carol Tuttle’s Child Whisperer book. Pay close attention to the description of type 4 as children. We are all four types in different percentages, so yes you will be more social or in some way different than you are imagining a type 4 to be. Embrace your stunning type 4 beauty, which is winter! The healing comes from accepting your true nature and reconnecting with yourself!


  10. Thank you for sharing this! I think the two systems definitely overlap. Our personalities change and are adaptive. Our energy type is our nature. I am a type 1/3 DYT and ENTP. My 17 yr old daughter is a 4/3 DYT and INFJ. So, according to your chart, our DYT primary and secondaries are switched. There is no question on either of our dominant types because we a both look so amazing in our colors!


    1. Hi there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      I heard Carol Tuttle speak in Austin, TX this past year on the influences that our secondary type has on our personality, and interestingly, she thinks that our secondary types are not of much importance since they are usually a result of our environment instead of our true nature. I tried to keep this in mind as I put this chart together. I would imagine that if your daughter is INFJ and has T3 as her secondary instead of T2, then she might be a little less emotional than the usual INFJ. (All of the INFJs that I know are extremely, and deeply emotional.) This could be a result of you being a thinking mom (since you’re ENTP), and your influence could have developed in her a healthier way of coping with emotions. (Which would give her INTJ tendencies, as the chart suggests.)
      I put ENTP as 3/1 because that’s how the Greek temperaments for ENTP work. (3 correlates with Choleric, and 1 with Sanguine.) In my study on Greek temperaments, I found that the though the ENTP is sanguine, the choleric is “in control.” So this could explain you relating to 1/3 instead of 3/1.
      We’re all different, and we all have different measures of each type in us, so it would be hard to make a chart that perfectly fits everyone. I just hope that, generally speaking, the chart is accurate enough to help us learn a little bit more about ourselves. 😊


      1. OK, this touches directly upon what I was saying. What do you mean the sanguine is “in control”? And for that matter, how do you define “primary” and “secondary”, then to begin with?
        In the correlation I made, I assumed the “primary” was the “social” temperament, which corresponds to what are known as the Interaction Styles. For ENTP, that’s the E[N]P part, which is the Sanguine. NT is the “leadership” temperament, which is the Choleric.
        I’ve always acknowledged, that if judging by relative “strengths”, they may reverse. (For the order is not strength, but social/leadership). If a person is pushed into “leadership” (or “action”) roles a lot, then that might seem to become “dominant”.

        For one thing, the Sanguine and Choleric are both the expressive or aggressive temperaments, and it was always known that the combinations of them would be the most aggressive. So a SanChlor will seem very “Choleric”. The difference from a pure Choleric is that they are a little more accepting of people on a surface level, and a bit less “serious” (due to the Ne vs Ni).


      2. Sorry, I wrote that ENTP was choleric/sanguine with sanguine “in control”, but that’s not right. It’s sanguine/choleric with choleric “in control.” I edited my comment to correct that.
        I would think that primary relates to social while the secondary relates to the leadership.
        Have you looked into Carol Tuttle’s energy profiling system? She has some very interesting thoughts on all of this that seemed to tie it all together for me.


      3. However, I’m rethinking this based on what you said a few months ago.. If ESTJ and INTJ are switched, making ESTJ choleric/melancholic and INTJ melancholic/choleric, that could make more sense. That would mean that ESTP is choleric/sanguine and ENTP is sanguine/choleric. I’ve been trying to find real life examples of these types, and I think you’re right. The ESTJs that I know are very melancholic, but it’s almost as if they are driven by choleric. I’m still processing all of this, so if you have any thoughts or resources, please let me know.


      4. OK, so by “in control”, are you referring to the “areas of need” concept I discuss (i.e. the social area is “Inclusion”, and the leadership area is “Control”)?
        Yes, for ESTJ, the “choleric” is “out front” basically, and so might seem to be what they are “driven” by. The Interaction Style for them is E[S]T, with E being expressive, and what you right away see on the surface, and the T provides the critical edge. SJ is where they are Melancholic, and this is in the area of leadership. They will differ from the pure Choleric in being slower in taking on authority, but rather look up to the “authorized” institution, and will prefer familiar/”known” areas to lead in.

        My whole treatise on the type/temperament correlation is here: http://www.erictb.info/erica.html


  11. I have fallen in love with this chart. I just wondered , since everything ties up so neatly, except DA and DW as the only two in the entire scheme that don’t follow E/ Choleric or Sanguine and I/ Melancholic or Phlegmatic, if they could be reversed? I think Wisdom good for DW and Administration good for DA.


    1. Thank you for your comment! I am currently working on another project, and this question is one that I have been struggling with/researching all week. I think you’re right. Switching those two would make more sense. I’ll update it soon!


  12. The way I’ve figured classic temperament as fiting type, there are two areas of temperament, so that each type is a blend of temperaments, like LaHaye/Littauer and some other systems have. There are the Keirsey groups (SJ, SP, NT, NF), and another group, called the Interaction Styles, which are the more “social” temperaments combining I/E with a combination of the other letters:

    IST/INJ: Melancholy
    ISF/INP: Phlegmatic
    EST/ ENJ: Choleric
    ESF/ENP: Sanguine

    For the Keirsey temperaments (which deal in leadership skills, rahter than social, basically)
    SJ: Melancholy (Logistical skills)
    SP: Sanguine (Tactical skills)
    NT: Choleric (Strategic skills)
    NF: Phlegmatic (Diplomatic skills)

    So all of your correlations are correct, though only covering one half of the blend. ENTP is Sanguine-Choleric (not just Choleric, which is the leadership temperament), and ESFJ is Sanguine-Melancholy, (not just Sanguine. which is the social temperament).

    there are also the “pure” temperaments, which are the same in both areas (ISTJ, ENTJ, ESFP, INFP).

    This is good, because it makes it more flexible and shows the different temperament needs in each type.


    1. Wow, this is very helpful! Thanks for your input! The Greek Temperments directly relate to the DYT types.
      1= sanguine
      2= phlegmatic
      3= choleric
      4= melancholy
      So then on my chart I have, for example, ISFP being 2/1 which translates into phlegmatic/sanguine, which is what you’re saying, I believe.

      Very interesting stuff!!

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      1. Wow; I didn’t know what those numbers were, or pick up how the correspond to the temperaments. Amazing that it’s another correlation. (I take it these are the “energy types”. I don’t see any description of them, just the stores for each. Also, as for GC, there are various reasons they may not match for a particular individual, but overall, it’s how the systems roughly correlate).

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      2. Yes, they are energy types. Carol Tuttle has an energy profiling course in which she shows how our natural energy corresponds to facial profiling and personality. She focuses more on the fashion and clothing side of things instead of the cognitive functions. I began relating all of these different systems in my head and wondered if they could eventually all go together. What if we could tell the colors that would look best on someone based on their spiritual gift or Myers Briggs type..? That was the thinking that inspired my research.
        I looked at your blog and it is very thorough and informative. You have some strong Ne and Ti going on!


      3. Thanks!

        Also, I noticed that for the ESTP, ENTP, ESTJ and INTJ, the order is reversed what I would have it. Like ESTJ as an extrovert is primarily “Choleric”, and them Melancholy, while INTJ, as an introvert is promarily Melancholy, then Choleric. It turns out that EST in general corresponds to a Choleric on the social level, so ESTP should be primarily Choleric as well, while ENP’s are Sanguine first.

        The way that would work out is that the first number is the “social” temperament, which is what’s seen on the surface. The second number or Keirsey temperament is more about “action” (it’s called “conative”. I see you identify as ENTP, so would you testify to being Sanguine on a social level, e.g. accepting, responsive to people; and Choleric when it comes to taking action or leadership; e.g competitiveness, not backing down, etc?)

        I figured this social/leadership distinction could figure in clothing style as well!


    1. This was an interesting post to stumble upon. I dont know my greek temperment or color analysis

      Im also an INFJ but am having a ridiculously hard time figuring out my DYT type. GC, did you figure yours out on your own or did they tell you?

      If you figured out your type, I’d love to hear your process.


      1. Hi there, have you watched Carol Tuttle’s video course or read any of her books? Carol states throughout the course that she wants people to discover their own type through self-recognition and she wants us to go off of facial profiling instead of personality when trying to figure out our type because personality can be so fickle and influenced by environment. I’m not sure if this helps, but I would be happy to answer any questions you have!


      2. INFJ also. It wasn’t easy to figure out my type either. I watched the free course and had no idea then read the book Dressing Your Type (got it for free, kindle version on amazon) and I settled on three. After looking at this chart though I’m questioning. I definitely am a INFJ and Cool Winter according to Colour Analysis link.


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